Our most commonly asked questions


What are the requirements to get an Instruction Permit?

Visit the Wisconsin DMV website interactive Driver License Requirements HERE


How do I get my Completion Certificate?

You’re not going to get a paper certificate. We submit the information to the DMV for you directly into the DMV computers. This is completed by your instructor at or just after your 6th Behind the Wheel Lesson.

How do I get my Instruction Permit signed (MV3001)

Once you have enrolled in a Driving School's Behind The Wheel Course, and are 15 1/2 you are eligible to get your Instruction Permit. Each Driving School has a procedure to get the form to you. If you are enrolling in KC's Driving School in Hartland, Oconomowoc, Pewaukee or Waukesha we mail the form to you after you enroll in our BTW program. If you are enrolling in another driving school, contact them for their procedure.

I lost my permit or my temps expired what do I do?

A. You will need a new MV3001 form. Contact your Behind The Wheel Driving School to make arrangements to get the form. Make sure you have our signature before you go to the DMV! They’ll send you back to us so save yourself the trip.

  • KC's Driving School in Hartland, Oconomowoc, Pewaukee or Waukesha email us at kcsdrivingschool@hotmail.com
  • KC's in Watertown or Lake Mills email to: kcswatertown@yahoo.com

NOTE: If you have completed all your BTW’s, the DMV has your completion certification on file, so you can head straight there. Tell them your "completion is on file in their computer system".


I missed a class or two, is that okay?

State Law allows you miss class for “legitimate reasons". You will have to make up any classes you miss.

How do I make up a class I missed?

Go to our Online Classroom to complete your make up.

How old do I have to be to take the class?

You have to be a minimum of 14 and 7 months.


How do I get my Instruction Permit?

    1.    First, enroll in a Behind The Wheel Course!
            - if you took or are taking KC's Traditional Course you did that on the first day of class

            - if you are taking our Online Classroom or have completed at least the first 5 sessions enroll in our Behind The Wheel Course HERE

    2.    We will mail you a signed MV3001 Temps Application to your house. 

            - Why mail the form? The DMV requires an "original" signature and the form can not be emailed. You can't "pick it up" as it takes time to process your enrollment. It only takes a day or two to get the form in the mail.

    3.    Go to the DMV and take the written test. Visit our Written Test Prep page to prepare for the test.

            - don't forget to bring your Original Birth Certificate and Social Security Card.

When is my first behind the wheel?

Sometime after your first day of class. You will go to our Behind The Wheel page to schedule that.

Do you have home pickup options for BTWs?

Yes we do! We do charge a small extra fee. It will be an option when you schedule a behind the wheel. Those pickups are very limited. We prefer not to spend too much of our lesson driving to and from student's houses. We are always happy to give you a ride home when we can. Just ask your instructor at the beginning of your lesson if they can work that out.

Why can I only schedule one Behind the Wheel at a time?

When students can only have one lesson at a time they make that lesson a high priority. You must complete a lesson before you can schedule your next.

How long do I have to complete my behind the wheel lessons?

As long as you need. Most people try and finish them quickly because you have to renew your permit after 1 year. You do have to have your first lesson within 60 days of us signing your temps application. Otherwise, take as long as you need.

Do you offer Behind the Wheel Only?

Yes. Visit our BTW Only page for more information.


What do I bring to the DMV to get my instruction permit?

1. Your ORIGINAL state issued birth certificate or passport

2. Your ORIGINAL social security card

3. A parent or legal guardian (or have your temps app notarized)

4. A MV3001 application (temps app) signed and dated by a KC’s instructor

5. Money, there will be a fee

How do I schedule a Road (Skills) Test

As you know, you must have your Instruction Permit 6 full months before you can take a road test. You can schedule your road test 11 weeks in advance of the 6 months ending. Go to the DMV website HERE to schedule a Road (Skills) Test

What do I bring to the DMV for my road test?

>Your permit (very important)

>Your car (you drive your own car, they do not provide one)

>Your parent (or else they will wonder how you got there)

What do I need to do to pass the temps test?

Study the Wisconsin Motorist Handbook There are no longer printed versions. They DMV also has smart phone apps that can help you. Visit Google or Itunes for more info.


I need to contact you, but no one answered the phone?

We do NOT keep normal business hours. Sometimes, we’re teaching class or driving with you. Most, if not all of your questions can be answered through our website, so do a little looking around first. Click on the “Contact Us” link if you feel your question hasn’t been answered yet. If you do call us, make sure to LEAVE A MESSAGE. Be patient. Feel free to call back later if you haven’t heard from us.

I don’t like my instructor, or have some other concerns?

Please let us know if it’s something you feel we can address. We love our staff, but we can’t know everything, and sometimes they need to be critiqued so they can improve. We are very strict with our instructors and take any criticism of them very seriously. Your student is our biggest concern. The good news is, people come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. For the most part, we allow you to pick your instructor so go ahead and try out a different one for each lesson.

Do you offer adult lessons?

No, we do not generally offer adult lessons. We are primarily a teenage driving school, but we will offer some exceptions to previous students desiring refresher courses. For adult lessons please contact the surrounding technical schools.