Session 14

Individual Sessions


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In Session 14 we discuss Buying and Maintaining a Vehicle
- Only the student is allowed to complete the course work
- This session will expire in 180 days
- If any of the videos or presentations do not play, try a different browser.
- If you have any questions email us at

  • Section 1
  • OL30 Session 14-1 Knowledge Test Review 18 (clone)
  • School Buses (clone)
  • Session 14-1 Quiz (clone)
  • Section 2
  • OL30 Session 14-2 Knowledge Test Review 18 (clone)
  • Move Over or Slow Down Law (clone)
  • Session 14-2 Quiz (clone)
  • Section 3
  • OL30 Session 14-3 Signs Test Review 18 (clone)
  • Session 14-3 Quiz (clone)
  • Section 4
  • Read Page 60, of the Wisconsin Motorist Handbook (clone)
  • Section 5
  • Session 14 Final Test (clone)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed