Behind The Wheel - How it Works



  • If you took an Online Classroom Course, where do you plan to do your Behind The Wheel Training?

  • Kenosha, Salem and surrounding areas (served by 5 Star Driving School)

  • Racine and surrounding areas (served by L&B Driving School)

  • Janesville and surrounding areas (served by Best Defense Driving School)


  • You must be enrolled in a Driving School's Behind The Wheel Course (see above).

    • Traditional and Blended Class students do this on the first day of class

    • Online Classroom students must enroll in a BTW course after they complete the 30 Hour Online Classroom

  • Must be 15 1/2. Students can NOT go to the DMV before they turn 15 1/2

  • Must pass the written test. Click HERE for more information on that.

  • Must present required documents;

    • MV3001 Permit Application form signed and dated the driving school providing your Behind the Wheel Training. (Our signature is ONLY valid for 60 days). For KC's students, you are instructor on how to obtain your MV3001 in the first few sessions of class.

    • Complete this request FORM to prompt us to mail your form MV3001

    • A government issued original birth certificate.

    • Social Security Card - if you don’t have the card bring the number and another form of ID such as the student’s school ID.

  • The student’s parent or legal guardian must sign their MV3001 temps application at the DMV with the student.


  • Soon after the student obtains their instruction permit they will begin the behind the wheel lessons.

  • There are six lessons two hours each.

    1. Students drive one hour and observe another student one hour.

    2. Most students do their lessons about 3 weeks apart. However, it is up to students to schedule their appointments.

    3. Students need to make sure that they complete their BTW’s in time for them to get their license.

    4. Students should have AT LEAST one lesson for each month that they have had their permit (6 lessons / 6 months).

    5. Realize that there are times when openings for BTW’s may be 3 or 4 weeks out.

    6. Students can complete all of their behind the wheel lessons ASAP if they wish, though not less than 3 weeks from start to finish and a maximum of two lessons per week (according to state law).

    7. These lessons are designed to work in conjunction with the 30 hours driving practice that students are to receive with their parents (10 of the 30 hours must be at night).

    8. If you need to get a replacement or renewed instructions permit KC's MUST sign your MV3001 before you go to the DMV! Email for more info.


  • Hartland, Oconomowoc, Pewaukee and Waukesha area students use Online Scheduling.

  • KC's Watertown and Lake Mills schedule their BTW's manually. Please call their office: 920-261-1750

  • For our partner driving schools, contact them directly (email or phone) to schedule BTW Lessons